If you’ve found yourself on this page – let me introduce myself. I’m Samantha Barnett, a 20 year-old young PR professional living in Leeds and attending LBU; studying PR and Communications.

I originally created this profile to blog about normal happenings in my life and thing’s I enjoy, albums and music artists I love and some fashion trends. Now, I’m using it as a platform to share my take on current PR happenings and posts relating to my university module.

Moving to Leeds was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I love exploring all the city has to offer, I’m very sociable and you’ll regularly find me shopping in the centre and enjoying the multitude of bars that Leeds has to offer – though this says nothing to my dedication to uni life. Leeds Beckett has been the best university for me to explore my potential and I’ve loved every second of uni life so far.

I find myself to be a dedicated and driven individual and love exploring all things PR, my degree has open my mind up to a world of opportunities and educated me on the importance of communication and interaction. The PR industry is so diverse and interesting, and daily I’m learning new things and I can’t wait to immerse myself in the industry whole heartedly. I feel like PR is really the career for me, I can’t think of anything that suits my personality and individuality more.

In my future, I see myself as a high profile publicist. I have very big goals and have always loved the idea of being the driving force behind a successful figure. I’m very driven, organised and always in control, predicting my own actions in order to have everything done as efficiently as possible. The way to move forward and become successful in this industry is to move and change with it, to understand that times are changing and what is relevant right now may not be soon and I make it my mission to understand and adapt to these changes in industry.

Not only that but it’s clear to me that the most important way to be successful is to build relationships and realise the importance put on a friendly, kind nature. Whatever you take as a publicist, you must give back and thank for – and I think that career is perfect for me.

Saying that, although this blog is very personal in a sense – I will also be using this to communicate my thoughts on current PR happenings and direct topics that are part of my Digital Media module. I aim to influence both PR professionals and current students such as myself and build a career in the industry – using both this blog and my other online social platforms.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/samanthamariepr

LinkedIn – https://uk.linkedin.com/in/samantha-barnett-0490b5111

SMPR is my own personal brand and I hope to generate interesting content for all my readers and create a name for myself in this active, developing industry. Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy it (and me)!

To view all examples of my professional work as part of my online portfolio, please go HERE