Pants on fire 

Although necessary, I’m not going to start this post by introducing myself (the joke here is that I haven’t wrote a post in approximately 20 years, but let’s just forgive and forget).

The title of this post has nothing to do with undergarments (okay maybe a TAD), but is more a reference to the well known children’s chant – “liar, liar, pants on fire”! I myself have screamed this at someone when neglecting to get my own way, but I’m maybe gonna be a little bit more adult in my deliverance of this accusation today.

In short though, being a liar isn’t anywhere near as funny as the named film portrays in fact, you’ve just made me angry.

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BBCR3’s Free Thinking Festival

This past weekend, I had the fantastic opportunity to volunteer at BBCR3’s Free Thinking Festival at the Sage, Gateshead. Now, although this sounds like something you can’t imagine me doing (I wrote a blog post about Taylor Swifts music for heavens sake), it was actually a fantastic experience.

Okay, now i’m sounding a bit naff. I can’t lie, I only volunteered in order to boost my portfolio and help me pass this all too horrendous third year, but in the end it has provided me with some great experience and really opened my mind to what really goes into coordinating a festival such as this.

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Guest Lecture Review: Brand You

Now, I may be slightly massively behind on my uni work and may experience the occasional (or daily) meltdown about my dissertation, but you can’t say I do nothing; and part of that happened to be me attending a guest lecture this morning – I will be expecting a reward in the post.

This week, the wonderful Leeds Beckett Business school has launched their Creative & Digital Careers Series, part of which includes sending us incessant emails (only joking) requesting us to get involved. That team spirit lead me to writing this post/review of Digital Identity Day: Brand You.

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Guest Lecture Review: Effectiveness of the Board. Desirable, or essential?

Another evening and another guest lecture attended, you may think I’m going crazy (but really, i’m just desperate to finish another looming deadline). The subject of this excursion however, was not as lax as the first and for once, not about me.

The evening saw me attend a lecture delivered by Richard Gregory and the subject: Boards, their necessity and effectiveness at the top of some of the biggest organisations.

use tbitch

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We’re all so caught up with numbers; whether it’s how many days are left until Christmas, the price of presents or the amount we’re hoping to receive – we can’t stop counting. But it’s not only Christmas, its everything. Looking over my past week i’ve realised that everything has a time, everything has a a deadline and every little number is important – and it’s pissing me off.

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Faking it

In the past few days of working, mingling and playing with my pup i’ve also managed to get through many episodes of Sex and the City – a feat i’m quite proud of. Not only that but i’ve realised that i’ve been missing out on a perfect show that relates to my own life all too much. It was from this, that the idea from this post came.

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