After shopping all day with a friend who, although travelling to Thailand tomorrow (for six weeks!), hasn’t even packed and reliving the pain of my first parent-less holiday last year with my now ex boyfriend, I realised how un-relaxing holiday planning really is.

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The joy in commuting on a train

train commute credit

The life of a student can be very touch and go – you can’t plan your life down to the last minutes because life is constantly changing.

Seminar here and a lecture there – timetables were never designed with you in mind; a lot of time at ‘uni’ is actually spent catching a much needed nap in the student union.

So when the time comes that you actually get your arse into gear, make a dreaded transaction from the ever-drained overdraft and book a train home, you’re stuck with the knowledge that you now have to endure the ‘x’ hour long train journey.

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