BBCR3’s Free Thinking Festival

This past weekend, I had the fantastic opportunity to volunteer at BBCR3’s Free Thinking Festival at the Sage, Gateshead. Now, although this sounds like something you can’t imagine me doing (I wrote a blog post about Taylor Swifts music for heavens sake), it was actually a fantastic experience.

Okay, now i’m sounding a bit naff. I can’t lie, I only volunteered in order to boost my portfolio and help me pass this all too horrendous third year, but in the end it has provided me with some great experience and really opened my mind to what really goes into coordinating a festival such as this.

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The joy in commuting on a train

train commute credit

The life of a student can be very touch and go – you can’t plan your life down to the last minutes because life is constantly changing.

Seminar here and a lecture there – timetables were never designed with you in mind; a lot of time at ‘uni’ is actually spent catching a much needed nap in the student union.

So when the time comes that you actually get your arse into gear, make a dreaded transaction from the ever-drained overdraft and book a train home, you’re stuck with the knowledge that you now have to endure the ‘x’ hour long train journey.

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New music commute

I’m going to fly you back to a month and two days ago to my mushy yet hopefully witty post about the wonders of Spotify

The depressing life of a teenage uni student is that when I realise that the Great British Bake Off doesn’t actually start for another HALF AN HOUR and I soul-crushingly don’t have enough time for another episode of suits, I turn to spotify

The thing is though, as a teenager who’s mind doesn’t stop whirring and who gets bored of listening to the same songs within an hour, I couldn’t really be bothered to search for a song and I knew if I ever heard something like drake again (I need to stop letting Joe choose music) I’d scream.

So I turned to discover and clicked on the first thing I saw, a picture of a giraffe and a playlist titled ‘New Music Commute’

I can actually feel your excitement because this is my second post within ONE DAY, so I feel like I should admit that i’m really only posting to waste time before GBBO – don’t let this doubt your thoughts on the playlist, it is really great

As the description tells us – ‘You don’t know you love these songs yet, but you will’ therefore I believe my sharing of this is basically an act of charity. GO LISTEN

I expect many thanks, wishes of good will and pretty presents

I’ll be thinking of you all when i’m listening to this trying not to commit on a 5 hour journey to Scotland this Friday x

Spotify, I love you.


I vow to never be ashamed by the fact that being a bit of a social recluse is one of my best features, HOWEVER – I don’t think I can be blamed when Spotify is a part of my life.

My friends come into my room and look at me in confusion as to why i’ve got the sounds of waves or birds chirping resonating throughout my accom and the reason for this is that they don’t use spotify’s ‘browse’ feature.

Now, I rave about multiple things daily – i’m not gonna apologise for taking pleasure in the simplest things or being happy because of music and therefore, you may think i’m lying about some things I blog about, everything supposedly can’t be ‘perfect’ afterall.

The browse feature is the most pressed link on my spotify, I find it amazing the amount of music i’ve never heard before and the fact that with a couple of clicks I can find a playlist titled ‘I Hate Men’ that is surprisingly perfect for washing the dishes to (mind you, there’s probably another named ‘dish washing anthems’ if I were to dig a little deeper)

A music blog wouldn’t be personal now if I wasn’t to share my most used so here we are;

(you can’t get these out of thin air, download spotify already you loon)

-Night Drive

-Afternoon Acoustic 

-Peace (the infamous wave sounds)

Theres 1,001 more and to be honest I don’t think anyone will discover what they’re looking for until it’s on a whim, so whenever you’re fancying a run, want to scream along to a song you haven’t heard for years, or need the perfect tunes for making pancakes (, click Browse.

Take me to church

As another day pases where my sorry arse doesn’t do enough revision, I find myself on tumblr scrolling until I literally lose the previous meaning of my life. Now as pathetic as this sounds, tumblr isn’t actually frying my brain but opening me up to things I would never previously know

If pictures are the heart and soul of tumblr, then music is the brain – audio tracks pop up seemingly out of nowhere and make you think about how one song could possibly explain your life as much as that one just did

Ok, I need to stop rambling. As you may have guessed by the title of this post, today’s music blog is going to based on Hozier!


Released in 2013 (before you question the lateness of this, read the whole post) and going to #2 on the Billboard 100 in Dec 2014, Take Me to Church was a hit-single. Its the type of song you feel in your whole body and as soon as you manage to make out all the lyrics – which may take a while, you sing along with as much power from your lungs as possible.

Now, back to tumblr, about a week ago I found this and absolutely fell in love. As amazing as the original song is, this haunting melody is enhanced by the changing of gender. I listened to this on repeat for about 5 hours and I suggest you all do the same.

I’d of course heard the original on the radio well before I found this life changing post, but never thought to explore the artist and listen to Hozier’s self-titled album. Upon doing so realised that ‘Take Me to Church’ was undoubtedly the best choice for a single. The rest of the amazing album doesn’t showcase songs as powerful as the leading track, but is still beautiful.

My personal favourites being ‘Jackie and Wilson’, followed by ‘Cherry Wine – Live’. Two amazing tracks; each entirely different from the each other, yet I can still imagine them both contributing to the aforementioned soundtrack to my life

This is less of a review and more me rambling about my favourite new discoveries but all I can say is, if youre enjoying it (or at least not offing yourself), please have faith that these will get better

Four for you One Direction, you GO One Direction


Four  – the amount of tears I cry every second per song on this delightful album

I can feel my cheeks squish and my eyes well up because of the pure love I have for some silly little beans that are commonly known as One Direction

This is going to be so informal and hopefully i’ll redeem myself some day but I cant help but rave when they’ve gave me the best days of my life since the tender age of 14

You may think its pathetic or childish or any other synonym you wanna give me but I couldn’t care less because all I’m sure of is that you couldn’t possibly use the same words to describe this new album – releasing on the 17th

Now you may be asking how I can possibly write an album review (well a part of one) since the official release date hasn’t been hit yet, but these lovely boys and their albeit ok management system have devised a release plan – one a day until 5 before the official date

Starting with Ready To Run;

You can tell its gonna be mellow, something you’ll put on as the start of your ‘long car journey’ playlist. Theres obvious distinction from verse to verse as all boys voices are showcased in a way they haven’t in previous albums, yet as soon as the chorus comes the tempo picks up and you really can’t help but sing along, belting it out as strong as Harry himself is. Zayn hits gorgeous notes in the breakdown which you unsuccessfully try and match and as harry flows in you can feel the atmosphere you know will be prevalent at the concerts at that exact moment in time

Where Do Broken Hearts Go

The start of Where Do Broken Hearts Go is so different from the previous song’s beginning with Niall showcasing his vocal ability, it feels like a build up, like you know something massive is about to happen. This i can imagine as the concert opener, with the perfect opportunity for an entire stadium to be clapping along accompanied by a scream of the song’s title. This is the party song that should belong in another decade, something you’ll hear on the radio and want to dance along to in the supermarket. Its so amazingly upbeat and Louis’ strong vocals towards the end give the song such an edge you know is going to go down massively when sung live.


With the common knowledge that Ed Sheeran wrote this song along with his previous tours headliner Passenger, you know its going to be something that’ll pull at your heart strings and have you reaching for a, or multiple, tissues. The intro is so delicate, a beautiful guitar melody picked up by Zayn’s soft voice singing about hearts and souls. The lyrics make me hold my hand to my chest as in pain, yearning for someone to be singing this directly to me. Its so beautiful, its like you’re looking into an open heart. The song picks up as comes the second verse but still has a delicacy to it, all boys showcasing gorgeous vocal ability and putting feeling into everything. What really hits you is the most angelic vocals of Louis during the bridge ‘i have loved you since we were 18, long before we both thought the same thing, to be loved and to be in love…’. The whole song is undeniably beautiful and i think anyone would have a hard time not loving it, or picking it as their first dance soundtrack..

As mushy as this whole thing has been I honestly cant contain my excitement for the upcoming early released and the rest of the new album (that I can’t wait to share my views on). When the UK tickets come out for their new On The Run Tour you can bet your ass ill be one of the first to tweet my excitement about getting a ticket.