Faking it

In the past few days of working, mingling and playing with my pup i’ve also managed to get through many episodes of Sex and the City – a feat i’m quite proud of. Not only that but i’ve realised that i’ve been missing out on a perfect show that relates to my own life all too much. It was from this, that the idea from this post came.

Queue season 2, episode 4: ‘They Shoot Single People, Don’t They?’. In this episode, Carrie is the unfortunate victim of an all too horrendous magazine cover after a night of partying till dawn (girl, I know the feeling) and this leads to her weekly column about women and faking it. From this, she draws the line;

‘Is it better faking it than to risk being alone?’

This, accompanied by the deeper storyline, opened up a whole can of worms to me and extended past the simple relationship problems. It made me think, whether it be orgasms, facial structure or bank balance – everyone is faking it.

We fake orgasms and trick men into believing they have skills, use contour and fake our entire image, or use an overdraft and fake ourselves into thinking we actually own that money we’re spending. Hell, there’s even a whole TV show dedicated to it – although this covers the issue of sexual orientation rather than image.

I’m not pretending that i’m immune to it all – to me filters are a real opportunity I all too often take advantage of and i’m not ashamed to admit it; writing this post i’m busy marinating myself in St Moritz and faking a tan – I only went on holiday at the start of the month. Everyone does it.

No wonder men are so lost, more than often you hear those stupid memes about taking women swimming on the first date and talking about taking a woman who uses the Snapchat dog filter on a walk, rather than a date. They seem to neglect to realise that not everything is as it seems.

This naivety though,  brings me to my next point: YES, we’re all ‘faking it’, but why is this so terrible?

To me, if someone is naive enough to believe that your face swap with Kylie Jenner is actually your face and not an extension of the ‘truth’, it’s all their damn own fault. I’m sure that the boys I meet at Quids In realise that my eyelashes aren’t real and that I’m not regularly this sun kissed (and if they don’t, then bloody hell). The point i’m making here, is that if we’re all so obviously faking it – this should be realised and if anything; accepted.

Maybe to some, faking it is better than being alone because that age old lie of loving someone just for their personality might just rein true and then they can expose their true colours. Or if anything, maybe faking it is well worth being alone; given the fact that your ‘fake-ness’ is just going to filter out the weaker, more gullible ones and soon someone will come along who loves you – warts fake and all.

The truth is, fake is becoming the new reality (and something we should all get used to); but when you take a real look at it, if people didn’t fake it – where the hell would we be?*

*Probably still orgasm-less, with chubbier looking cheeks.


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