I have recently been lucky enough to receive a new job working in a bar at home – and by ‘lucky enough’, I mean they’ve gave me the very yearned for opportunity of being able to gradually pay my overdraft off.

However, as i’m sure many of you know and have experienced; working in a bar is never the most enjoyable job – and here’s a few reasons why:

bartender post

Customers, oh the dreaded customers. Is it just me or when you’re on a night out do you not feel as annoying as i’m sure the bartenders think you are. It’s like all manner and sense go out the window and I stop being treated like a human – i’m merely a service.

The worst thing in the world, is the stare. In a confined place like a bar, there’s nowhere to hide and that one small barrier between you and them isn’t exactly protective. They stare you down and attempt to catch your attention, and if you make the one mistake of eye contact it’s as if you’ve signed a contract.

Then comes the ordering and oh man, why come to the bar if you don’t even know what you’d like? Combine the immense waiting time and the constant questions and I feel like I’ve aged about 10 years in 10 minutes.

You get the customers who ask you ‘what beer do you have’ when the taps are right in front of them, and even worse; you get the ‘can I have a beer’ customers – vague as hell and not at all helpful (you could probably serve them cider and they wouldn’t even notice). Add these to the list of drunks who can’t pronounce their order, ones who complain that you haven’t made it right and those who suddenly change their mind and you’re ready to fly right off.


I just wish customers understood the notion of kindness – we make the rules and it’s as though they neglect to understand this. If they’re kind, i’m much more likely to serve them first – this means no clicking of fingers or waving of money, no shouting, screaming or glaring.

This kindness extends to fellow customers too, don’t push, shove or elbow your way to the bar, don’t try and get served first when you know you shouldn’t and please don’t take god knows how long to collect your change – we’re all waiting on you pal. Of course, this kindness can more often than not be taken way too far.

Yes, i’m talking about the flirts. The one’s who come up with that little cocky smile and think that calling you darling will lead to a free drink – I don’t think so. Your pick up lines and offers to buy me a drink aren’t going to improve my mood; and asking me to ‘smile, pretty’ certainly isn’t going to.

Now, i’ve really placed my blame of a bad day on a single group of people here, but they’re not always so horrid. I’ve got to say, i’d much rather deal with the bad ones and then get to enjoy the good guys; hey – it beats folding cutlery for an hour an a half. Oh, what a life.


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