Third Portfolio Piece

As part of my second year at university, I was tasked with becoming part of a global wide group and acting as a real PR agency in order to respond to a brief by a real client. This was part of my global communications module and was for the GlobCom project.

The project spanned 15 countries and led to us having a UK group of 5 people. It posed a massive challenge to work in these teams as we only had the ability to communicate online – using tools such as Skype, Facebook and Google Docs without ever speaking face-to-face. Not only that, but with the diverse selection of cultures, misunderstandings were all to often and communication was difficult. However, the project gave us the skills of team building, cooperation and perseverance and was an amazing experience to take part in.

We had to compile a slideshow in response to the brief the client gave us, regarding the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project. Take a look below:


Acting as a real life PR company showed real insight into what it takes to respond to a clients brief and to complete a real campaign, correlating multiple tactics to respond to objectives.

While presenting, our tutors discussed their happiness with our presentation and analysed our tactics. While doing this, they also expressed love for the tactic I devised – see it below;

This valuable piece of portfolio work really set me up for work in a real PR world in the future and has made me nothing but more excited.


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