Portfolio Analysis

As part of my Digital Media module I am required to submit a 1000-1500 word analysis of my existing portfolio pieces. 

  • Positions your portfolio as evidence of the professional profile that you have written for your blog. That is, you have made claims about yourself in your profile – how do these three pieces of professional work support the claims you made in your profile?

My portfolio pieces show that I have the ability to write engaging and relevant web content for clients and understand the way communicative efforts must be edited for different audiences. I have shown that I am aware of upcoming digital tools such as Pinterest that can help businesses become a name and interactively attract their audiences. As well as this, I have shown the way I am a malleable and adaptive person who has the ability to build relationships with people from all over the globe in order to work successfully in a group together and come together to reach one singular goal. As well as this, I have shown an ability to adapt to difficult situations and place myself in unfamiliar territory and come out of it on the other side – reaching my goals and showing myself as a goal-oriented and driven individual.

  • Explain how each of the examples contributed to the organisation(s). That is, what was the objective for each of them? How were they used?
  • You should evaluate each portfolio piece based on the professional standards and recommendations for each type (e.g., if you included a news release, why is yours a good example of a modern news release?). You should use at least 2 credible sources to support each of the assessments of your work and at least four different credible sources across your analysis.

As per my first portfolio piece which was the guest-blog I wrote while on placement with Prohibition PR, this piece as an important part of their continual updating of the firsthomenews.co.uk website in order to succeed in gaining more customers and consumers and keep web traffic coming in at a steady pace. By writing a guest blog, I essentially brought a new angle to their posts and provided them with the creative content to attract audiences and lead to their engagement. Guest blogging is an important part of content marketing and has been shown to have major benefits for personal blogger development, but is also shown to have benefits for business. Forbes are quick to let us know that in no way is guest blogging dead and the key to success is relevance. My post on the ‘firsthomenews’ blog fit in with their current themes and pushed their brand message. It contributed to my own professional development as a blogger and a PR professional, and gave me a chance to express my own views – it will also trackback to my own blog from those who are reading it and increased my engagement with those who read my blog.

Secondly, with my work on behalf of the Liberty Trading Pinterest account, this was a new client who had little to no interaction and engagement from their consumers and therefore it was important that I put them on the map and made sure that their customers had a relevant platform that they could communicate with them on. As well as this, creating the  Pinterest account opened a whole new door and opportunities for Liberty Trading to connect with consumers who were not aware of their brands and products and therefore widen their market. By using Pinterest as this platform, we communicated Liberty Trading to be a new, upcoming and original brand who understand the importance of utilising current digital ways of communication. It is clear that Pinterest is important and business should be utilising it and using it to their advantage – with over 70 million users and 500,000 active business accounts, this platform is a massive tool that will drive high web traffic and increase volume of sales – vital for Prohibition’s new client. It is clear from my portfolio post that the work on the account I did was successful, shown in the increase in followers and therefore engagement to and from the account.

My third piece of portfolio work was one of the most diverse projects I’ve been involved in. The objective for this project was to work collaboratively with a group of people spread over 16 countries, and react to a brief given by  real life client. The brief was concerning the Dugong and Seagrass conservation project and the main tasks of the project were to:

  1. to collaborate in a multicultural team
  2. to persuade through a presentation
  3. to overcome cultural barriers
  4. to act together online in a virtual team
  5. to work as an agency solving a global PR issue
  6. to recognize the strength of cultural diversity presentation
  7. to learn implementing global strategies locally

The importance of this campaign was to give us a look into the real life of a PR professional and understand the trials that may come in the future when having to communicate globally and to multiple cultures. The importance of collaborative working and diverse cultures to business has been explained in an article in the entrepreneur – states that company culture is more important than ever.

This links to the importance of our Communication Campaign’s module and the significance of the project in building our experience and developing us as budding PR professionals – giving us real issues to deal with such as cultural differences and overcoming them in order to develop a sound communications campaign that meets all the target objectives.I also feel like my understanding of key evaluative methods such as SWOT and PESTEL have improved dramatically and have led to me feeling more confident in myself and the knowledge I have of what it takes to be relevant in the industry that I can’t wait to become a true member of.

If you wish to see the project in full, you can find the links below!

Progress Presentation

Final Presentation

Global-Wide Presentation


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