Utilisation of visual-image sharing sites for a new company

While interning over at Prohibition PR, I was set with the task of using and creating new and relevant content for their new client: Liberty Trading.

In order to put the company on the map and drive traffic to their website, Prohibition has to utilise their social media channels and create relevant content in order to get them customers. I was then put to work on their Pinterest account.

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool  used to help everyone and anyone to discover and save creative ideas. Having a Pinterest account and installing the bookmarking ‘tool’ allows the individual to ‘pin’ any image they may find to their own account, in order to refer to later.

With 700 million monthly users, it is important for businesses – especially small ones such as Liberty Trading to harness the power it has and communicate with their audience in a new and engaging way.

As I only interned at Prohibition for a short amount of time, I didn’t work on the account for long.

Here, you can see a still from the first day I started:


The account only had 2 followers, even though they had pinned over 228 images and created 14 boards – which should have been attracting new followers and causing engagement.

Compared to the day I left:


With only 3 days work on the account, I managed to turnover over 65 followers, edited AND increased the amount of pins, and changed the boards.

While working, I created new boards and pinned relevant content that would create a link between the users we wanted to attract and the products from Liberty Trading’s own website that I had pinned.

The creation of boards by me was what created the flow and increase of followers, I deleted the original ones as they had no substance or relevance – and instead created boards such as ‘Modern Interior’ and ‘Stylish Home Decor’; pinning interesting content to inspire that also related to Liberty Trading’s own products.

You can now see that the Liberty Trading Pinterest account has nothing but prospered as shown below:


By successfully matching the work I did to complete the three key steps of using Pinterest for business, I successfully generated content and drove traffic to Liberty Trading’s website.


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