The joy in commuting on a train

train commute credit

The life of a student can be very touch and go – you can’t plan your life down to the last minutes because life is constantly changing.

Seminar here and a lecture there – timetables were never designed with you in mind; a lot of time at ‘uni’ is actually spent catching a much needed nap in the student union.

So when the time comes that you actually get your arse into gear, make a dreaded transaction from the ever-drained overdraft and book a train home, you’re stuck with the knowledge that you now have to endure the ‘x’ hour long train journey.

Now for me personally, home is the North East and luckily ‘x’ is only equals about an hour and a half – therefore I think endure is really the wrong word.

Trains are a bit of a gift actually and there is untapped potential in that hour and a half. Hell, I wrote this post on the train home come Monday night (only the draft obviously), but you never realise how much work you can actually get done.

Along with that, granted you’ve planned ahead the journey could almost be called comfortable.Sat on the ever-loved table seat, what more could you want? There’s even a plug socket.

If you’ve got me on Snapchat (samantha0102 for those who are curious), you know I have no shame in sharing a typical landscape photo and trains are perfect for this. No matter what time of day you’re travelling, the LDS-DHM journey is never short of a stellar view.

Couple this with the correct playlist and you’re journey can’t be anything but enjoyable. My gullible self was hooked on the 3 month free Apple Music membership – 8 months later and I’m still paying £9.99 a month but that’s beside the point. Apple provide the perfect chance to uncover music you’ve never listened to, and with their travelling playlists you can’t go wrong.

trai commute 2

However, there are the unlucky ones. My journey up North wasn’t as pleasant as the one back down, being stuck with a seating neighbour unaware of the term ‘personal space’ and eating a smelly beef sandwich.

But hell, if you are extra lucky – which I am yet to be, you might find yourself sitting across from someone with a beautifully carved face, who even smells good (and not of beef)…


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