The big goodbye

Second year has been a whirlwind of feeling and emotion, a lot has changed since last July when I moved into my student house – god knows certain experiences will make me glad I’m leaving number 2, but I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic.

I see placement third year on the, albeit cloudy, horizon and I feel like I don’t want things to change. Making a house your own is a great experience – hell I defrosted the freezer once and me and that thing have a bond now. I know how to use my oven and although my washing machine seems has a vendetta against me – at least I know how to work the damn thing.

Now I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot of things I wont miss – like the weird smell the kitchen ALWAYS seems to have and the fact that I need to fix the boiler once a week (although I can’t stop talking about them, I swear I don’t have a thing for kitchen appliances). Of course I’m excited to be living at home over summer – I’ll have my friends and my family and hopefully everything will seem a whole lot easier. Not only that but I’m off on a good three holidays and cant wait to be bronzed.

The future just seems a little bit daunting and coming to terms with the fact that Thornville Terrace won’t be the norm any more isn’t as easy as I’d hoped. People who I didn’t even know a year ago have been quite a big feature in my life and we’ll be leaving each other all too soon.

Maybe I’m overreacting, maybe I’m just scared about the loss of Fraser’s Apple TV or maybe I just can’t stand the fact that I’m going to have to share a bathroom with my brother again. Either way, the day I leave 2TT is going to be a hard one.

Speaking of hard things – time to try and separate who’s kitchen utensils are who’s…


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