Zero effect

We’ve all heard of the phrase ‘Don’t fix what isn’t broken’ and I’ve got to admit that this was the only thought in my head when hearing about Coca-Cola’s new re-brand and change in design.

Take a look below:


Differentiation seems to be a slight issue, with only a portion of the can showing a separate colour for other flavours. Along with this we see that Coke Zero will now be ‘Zero Sugar’ and our beloved Diet Coke will now be ‘Coke Light’ – I’m expecting riot’s and rampages.

I’ve got to admit, it all seems slightly pointless to me. Everyone know’s Coca Cola and since their introduction of Coke Life, there hasn’t been that many changes. We all know what we know and love, and you wont find me going into a shop and asking for a ‘Coke Zero Sugar’ – its Coke Zero, and we all know that.


It’s obvious this is all to do with the infamous ‘sugar tax’, with Coke hoping to develop the taste of Coke Zero to make it taste more like the original Coca Cola – leading to hopefully  higher percentage of sales of their sugar-less version. I however just find it hard to fathom that many don’t seem to realise that ‘zero’ means zero sugar in a drink – I mean come on, this is self – explanatory.

From a separate perspective, the new design can be seen as a PR masterpiece, having the majority of the cans red and you can imagine the scenes in a supermarket – the infamous Coca Cola colour is all people will see.

However, I feel like this whole re-brand will fall on deaf ears, our language won’t change and Coke Zero will stay as it is in our vocabulary – I doubt me going into a shop and asking for a Coke Zero without the ‘sugar’ on the end is going to lead to confusion.

I understand what you’re trying to achieve here Coca Cola, but we can see right through you and you don’t need to change yourself for me.


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