Sexism is alive and well – unfortunately

I thought that society was progressing in its ability to stop judging women and what they chose to do with their bodies, yet I have once again been proven wrong.

You’ve heard her name before and you’ll hear it again no doubt, but Kim Kardashian has once again attempted to break the internet with a nude selfie. Now i’ve got to give it to her, the girls got to have a lot of confidence to post something so revealing and I for one don’t have any sort of judgement towards her.

Of course though, many had to express their negative opinions. You can see in the comments from the Instagram post, people throwing sexist slurs and complaining of her ability to wear no clothes yet have a multi-million dollar wardrobe, and all over twitter people were tweeting their negative opinions and giving her grief.

If anything, Instagram is a platform for whoever to share any images they wish, Kim is within every right to share this image. Not only is her modesty covered as much as it would be in a bikini, she’s adhering to Instagram’s posting guidelines.

The worst part of this is what some women have been saying about the image, with International Women’s Day just behind us, you would think that women would be supporting their fellow female for being happy and confident enough to share a nude image – without worrying about the way society tends to rip women apart for their looks and weight.

Its not the same case for men. Zac Efron has been all over mine and many other twitter timelines with behind the scenes pictures of him topless for the Baywatch reboot. No one is tearing these apart, but instead drooling over them and wishing his pants were off too. Jeremy McConnell too, a man very much in our lives right now seems to never be fully clothed, but reports on his nude images with only a hat to cover his modesty are all positive.

The lines are blurred and it seems that only men reserve the right to share images of their body – its shame that a woman sharing an image of her body while confident and liberated receives such backlash.


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