I realised that being one of those people who have checked all of their social media before their eyes are seemingly open in the morning, I should have more of a voice on such platforms.

The inspiration behind this post has came from LFW’s extreme presence over social media, especially Snapchat.

There’s no question that Snapchat is currently dominating in being an online photo sharer and news portal. It gives all individuals the opportunity to connect with not only who they know, but who they want to know.

Over the years, Snapchat has been constantly adding new features to make the experience all that more beneficial. One of these is their ‘Discover’ feature, with the news options being both constant and changing. The LFW discover section, for example, has only popped up this past week, giving a backstage pass to the event.This gives everyone with Snapchat the chance to experience the festivities without actually having to travel.

Another feature that inspired this post was the way that all Snapchat users have the ability to add any celebrity influence to their contact list – without the celebrity being required to add them back. ┬áIts a form of escapism, being able to involve yourself in a celebrities experience and get away from your own life.

An example of this would be Burberry’s Snapchat story – their uploads throughout the show leading to the god-knows how long story allows you to personally experience the whole show on one social media platform. Adding to that experience is the way they film individuals, such as Christopher Bailey, talking about the show and connecting specifically to the watchers of Burberry’s Snapchat story.

The way that Snapchat has embedded itself into the social media sphere is impressive, I seem to remember first downloading it for it to become obsolete within the month, all the early adopters becoming bored of it. But their innovation and creation has brought them back booming, and I cant imagine it becoming a bored sensation again any time soon.