Super Relaxation

Although the pain I felt this morning when I unknowingly snoozed my alarm and then woke up at 9:30 with the daunting task of getting dressed in 20 minutes was major, it was well worth it. As i’ve previously told you, i’ve been blessed with an internship for Fusion Therapy, run by Nick Parmar.

Today, as I ran with my hair in disarray to rebeccas flat (due to the unique mobile feature of Fusion Therapy, treatments are done at home), I was expecting to film for the day. I arrived, sneezing and coughing with a rudolph nose to Rebecca and Nick looking a lot more comfortable than I was; with a head feeling like it was about to implode.

However, this is my job and I was focused. We started with filming rebecca receiving a back massage, the lovely smell of coconut oil in the air as though I was on a tropical island with a personal therapist. As it came to my turn, Nick took one look at me and with a slight press above my eyebrows, he knew exactly what to do.

I received a Qi Gong acupressure facial massage with chakra balancing and i’ve never felt so relaxed. Nick is amazing at what he does, starting from my chest upwards and around to my neck, followed by light touches to my face and neck (that send small electrical impulses through the skin); followed by a face, ears and head massage. To aid in relaxation and move congestion, Nick stimulated lymph flow as well as doing chakra balancing for the crown, third eye and throat.

I would most certainly recommend Nick’s treatments as he’s extremely knowledgeable in everything he does. Along with this he’s offering massive student deals, £62 treatments in your own home for the much smaller cost of £28. Choices include: Indian Head massage, Full Body, Facial or Back massage, Pre or Post training tissue massage, Reflexology, Reiki or Acupuncture.

I’ll be posting weekly the treatments i’ll receive as well as updates on the company! Cant wait to share more with you.


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