New music commute

I’m going to fly you back to a month and two days ago to my mushy yet hopefully witty post about the wonders of Spotify

The depressing life of a teenage uni student is that when I realise that the Great British Bake Off doesn’t actually start for another HALF AN HOUR and I soul-crushingly don’t have enough time for another episode of suits, I turn to spotify

The thing is though, as a teenager who’s mind doesn’t stop whirring and who gets bored of listening to the same songs within an hour, I couldn’t really be bothered to search for a song and I knew if I ever heard something like drake again (I need to stop letting Joe choose music) I’d scream.

So I turned to discover and clicked on the first thing I saw, a picture of a giraffe and a playlist titled ‘New Music Commute’

I can actually feel your excitement because this is my second post within ONE DAY, so I feel like I should admit that i’m really only posting to waste time before GBBO – don’t let this doubt your thoughts on the playlist, it is really great

As the description tells us – ‘You don’t know you love these songs yet, but you will’ therefore I believe my sharing of this is basically an act of charity. GO LISTEN

I expect many thanks, wishes of good will and pretty presents

I’ll be thinking of you all when i’m listening to this trying not to commit on a 5 hour journey to Scotland this Friday x