Spotify, I love you.


I vow to never be ashamed by the fact that being a bit of a social recluse is one of my best features, HOWEVER – I don’t think I can be blamed when Spotify is a part of my life.

My friends come into my room and look at me in confusion as to why i’ve got the sounds of waves or birds chirping resonating throughout my accom and the reason for this is that they don’t use spotify’s ‘browse’ feature.

Now, I rave about multiple things daily – i’m not gonna apologise for taking pleasure in the simplest things or being happy because of music and therefore, you may think i’m lying about some things I blog about, everything supposedly can’t be ‘perfect’ afterall.

The browse feature is the most pressed link on my spotify, I find it amazing the amount of music i’ve never heard before and the fact that with a couple of clicks I can find a playlist titled ‘I Hate Men’ that is surprisingly perfect for washing the dishes to (mind you, there’s probably another named ‘dish washing anthems’ if I were to dig a little deeper)

A music blog wouldn’t be personal now if I wasn’t to share my most used so here we are;

(you can’t get these out of thin air, download spotify already you loon)

-Night Drive

-Afternoon Acoustic 

-Peace (the infamous wave sounds)

Theres 1,001 more and to be honest I don’t think anyone will discover what they’re looking for until it’s on a whim, so whenever you’re fancying a run, want to scream along to a song you haven’t heard for years, or need the perfect tunes for making pancakes (, click Browse.


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