Now I know I haven’t posted in ages but such beauty deserves a dedicated post;

The award, goes to Taylor Swift.

I haven’t heard an album in such a long time (mindful of my forever favourites One Direction) that I’ve wanted playing on repeat for my entire life.

I feel like the girl in question has climbed inside my soul and all songs written are reflections of my deepest and darkest wants and needs. Not only do masterpieces such as ‘New Romantics’ make me want to dance my way through UNI with a cheshire cat smile on my face, but such gorgeousness as ‘You Are In Love’ makes me want to find the love of my life and dance with them to this song, pour my heart out and let them know through lyrics that they’re the best thing to happen to me.

Now while the introduction to this album was chart topper ‘Shake it Off’ and the underlying current to each and every lyric is my very own Harry Styles, the criticisms of the album, the “childish” and “boring” slurs that some people throw because they cant comprehend why a girl would write a song about a boy are something I don’t even want to dignify with my time. I can’t help but feel like Tay has given us access to her true feelings, moreso than ever before.

‘Out of the Woods’ for example has my holding my hand to my chest and thinking ‘why couldn’t they just work out’, no matter how much I want Harry for myself.

As much as this sounds like a teenage girls magazine article (which it wasn’t meant to) I feel like its fitting anyway. Writing this post within 3 minutes and 50 seconds – the duration of New Romantics, this is everything I feel towards the album without abandon and to be honest I don’t want to change a thing

While I’m not a preppy teenager and have many of life’s troubles looming over me, I cant help but think that 1989 makes me feel freer than ever, and I say goodbye so that I can back to listening.


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