Four for you One Direction, you GO One Direction


Four  – the amount of tears I cry every second per song on this delightful album

I can feel my cheeks squish and my eyes well up because of the pure love I have for some silly little beans that are commonly known as One Direction

This is going to be so informal and hopefully i’ll redeem myself some day but I cant help but rave when they’ve gave me the best days of my life since the tender age of 14

You may think its pathetic or childish or any other synonym you wanna give me but I couldn’t care less because all I’m sure of is that you couldn’t possibly use the same words to describe this new album – releasing on the 17th

Now you may be asking how I can possibly write an album review (well a part of one) since the official release date hasn’t been hit yet, but these lovely boys and their albeit ok management system have devised a release plan – one a day until 5 before the official date

Starting with Ready To Run;

You can tell its gonna be mellow, something you’ll put on as the start of your ‘long car journey’ playlist. Theres obvious distinction from verse to verse as all boys voices are showcased in a way they haven’t in previous albums, yet as soon as the chorus comes the tempo picks up and you really can’t help but sing along, belting it out as strong as Harry himself is. Zayn hits gorgeous notes in the breakdown which you unsuccessfully try and match and as harry flows in you can feel the atmosphere you know will be prevalent at the concerts at that exact moment in time

Where Do Broken Hearts Go

The start of Where Do Broken Hearts Go is so different from the previous song’s beginning with Niall showcasing his vocal ability, it feels like a build up, like you know something massive is about to happen. This i can imagine as the concert opener, with the perfect opportunity for an entire stadium to be clapping along accompanied by a scream of the song’s title. This is the party song that should belong in another decade, something you’ll hear on the radio and want to dance along to in the supermarket. Its so amazingly upbeat and Louis’ strong vocals towards the end give the song such an edge you know is going to go down massively when sung live.


With the common knowledge that Ed Sheeran wrote this song along with his previous tours headliner Passenger, you know its going to be something that’ll pull at your heart strings and have you reaching for a, or multiple, tissues. The intro is so delicate, a beautiful guitar melody picked up by Zayn’s soft voice singing about hearts and souls. The lyrics make me hold my hand to my chest as in pain, yearning for someone to be singing this directly to me. Its so beautiful, its like you’re looking into an open heart. The song picks up as comes the second verse but still has a delicacy to it, all boys showcasing gorgeous vocal ability and putting feeling into everything. What really hits you is the most angelic vocals of Louis during the bridge ‘i have loved you since we were 18, long before we both thought the same thing, to be loved and to be in love…’. The whole song is undeniably beautiful and i think anyone would have a hard time not loving it, or picking it as their first dance soundtrack..

As mushy as this whole thing has been I honestly cant contain my excitement for the upcoming early released and the rest of the new album (that I can’t wait to share my views on). When the UK tickets come out for their new On The Run Tour you can bet your ass ill be one of the first to tweet my excitement about getting a ticket.



Now I know I haven’t posted in ages but such beauty deserves a dedicated post;

The award, goes to Taylor Swift.

I haven’t heard an album in such a long time (mindful of my forever favourites One Direction) that I’ve wanted playing on repeat for my entire life.

I feel like the girl in question has climbed inside my soul and all songs written are reflections of my deepest and darkest wants and needs. Not only do masterpieces such as ‘New Romantics’ make me want to dance my way through UNI with a cheshire cat smile on my face, but such gorgeousness as ‘You Are In Love’ makes me want to find the love of my life and dance with them to this song, pour my heart out and let them know through lyrics that they’re the best thing to happen to me.

Now while the introduction to this album was chart topper ‘Shake it Off’ and the underlying current to each and every lyric is my very own Harry Styles, the criticisms of the album, the “childish” and “boring” slurs that some people throw because they cant comprehend why a girl would write a song about a boy are something I don’t even want to dignify with my time. I can’t help but feel like Tay has given us access to her true feelings, moreso than ever before.

‘Out of the Woods’ for example has my holding my hand to my chest and thinking ‘why couldn’t they just work out’, no matter how much I want Harry for myself.

As much as this sounds like a teenage girls magazine article (which it wasn’t meant to) I feel like its fitting anyway. Writing this post within 3 minutes and 50 seconds – the duration of New Romantics, this is everything I feel towards the album without abandon and to be honest I don’t want to change a thing

While I’m not a preppy teenager and have many of life’s troubles looming over me, I cant help but think that 1989 makes me feel freer than ever, and I say goodbye so that I can back to listening.