Now I know I’m a little late, but I feel like such a beautiful movement deserves to be commented on. I’m not all about politics, don’t tend to follow everything like I probably should considering I’m now a PR student, don’t worry Emily I’ll be all caught up soon.

If you haven’t seen Emma Watsons inspiring speech at UN Women, then you’re entirely missing out –¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkjW9PZBRfk .


HeForShe is a Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality, aiming to end gender inequality and looking for male advocates. The word Feminism is scary for most, its synonymous for men hating. Being a feminist is uncomplicated, yet uncommon.

-Equal Pay, -Right to their own body, -Respect socially

“These rights, I consider to be human ones”.

I’m supporting HeForShe, because my mother raised me, not alone, yet not with my father. Help from my auntie, my grandmother and all the other amazing women who were there from the day I was born. Because all these women in my life are just as valuable and capable as any man. I think you should too.

“All that is needed, for the forces of evil to triumph, is for men and women to do nothing”.

‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’


Elie Saab, oh my gaad

We’ve had all the fashion weeks, New York, London, Milan, Paris and due to the wonders that are Instagram, Facebook and Vogue.co.uk, I’ve had the pleasure of following them all.

Now; I can confidently say that I’ve never been brought as close to tears as I was when Elie Saab had the audacity to showcase such beautiful couture pieces for SS/14.

00450h_304x456 00410h_304x456 00340h_304x456 00010h_426x63900140h_426x639

I personally believe no one can beat the collection but the man himself.

Not to mention the beautiful Ready-to-Wear SS/14 collection Рbeautiful and relaxed white prints carrying green and pink floral from the hem.


Now joining the ranks of collections that make me cry, we have the Ready-to-Wear SS/15 collection, bold print accompanied by light setting that make the colours pop – Hunger Games synonymous dresses seemingly on fire.

00070h_426x639 ss15

Following that some gorgeous lace designs:

ss155 ss.15

They’re all so extremely beautiful that I’m wishing my bank balance wasn’t so low, I may not pay my accommodation fee’s; I’m sure I can find a couch somewhere and find happiness in the black piece above.

Elie keeps going above and beyond and if I’m contemplating a bank heist in preparation for his next collection, I don’t think anyone can judge me.