Throw me in and let me go


You know the feeling of nervousness; butterflies in your stomach feel like you might puke any minute nervousness? That was all I felt on 13.09.14 – the day I officially moved into UNI halls. Burley Road, Leeds, was I really flying the nest? Of course my mam was crying on and off throughout the day and of course my whole family came down to see me off as though I was a sailor going out to sea, did I really need the entourage?

Maybe not, but I wanted it. I acted aloof until we were a couple of minutes down the road, maybe even pulled it off during Stage 1 – moving and maybe even Stage 2, the farewell meal. But finally saying goodbye, with my cousin latched onto me trying his hardest not to cry and my mam and auntie acting like I’d never return to them, I don’t think I pulled it off all that well. I didn’t cry, no, didn’t sob and beg them not to leave me, I was composed all until I was alone.

I felt undeniably lost, walking alone to my new room, my new flat void of flatmates, I felt lost. Never had i wanted the entourage more, standing by my side and protecting me from this whole new world.

Of course, it’s now 28.09.14 and I’m starting my first day tomorrow, my first official day and I can tell you now, that nervousness has came crashing back like a tidalwave, but that feeling of loss and loneliness will never be there again. The friends I’ve made and the memories I’ve already created have made me happier than ever. The awesomeness of Skype and FaceTime have me feeling I can conquer the world with my family by my side no matter where they are.

I have never been more excited.

Take a look at the people who’ve been there for the ride, and I’ll be sure to let you know how the next few days go. S x



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