Faking it

In the past few days of working, mingling and playing with my pup i’ve also managed to get through many episodes of Sex and the City – a feat i’m quite proud of. Not only that but i’ve realised that i’ve been missing out on a perfect show that relates to my own life all too much. It was from this, that the idea from this post came.

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I have recently been lucky enough to receive a new job working in a bar at home – and by ‘lucky enough’, I mean they’ve gave me the very yearned for opportunity of being able to gradually pay my overdraft off.

However, as i’m sure many of you know and have experienced; working in a bar is never the most enjoyable job – and here’s a few reasons why:

bartender post

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Hangovers and Headaches

It’s as i’m lay here writing this, head pounding and eyes watering that i’m starting to think it’s not so worth it any more.

The dreaded hangover, we’ve all felt it and it seems it very much likes to take the mick out of us – and ruin our lives. I don’t know about you but i’m fully un-functional whenever i’ve been attacked by the aforementioned monster and as the day goes on, its only getting worse.


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Portfolio Analysis

As part of my Digital Media module I am required to submit a 1000-1500 word analysis of my existing portfolio pieces. 

  • Positions your portfolio as evidence of the professional profile that you have written for your blog. That is, you have made claims about yourself in your profile – how do these three pieces of professional work support the claims you made in your profile?

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